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We understand navigating through the political landscape is not easy! Often, in the darkness of night, our politicians make decisions that directly impact our lives and livelihoods.

Change happens through the power of the PEOPLE. American Freedom Society seeks to educate, empower, and equip the PEOPLE with the tools necessary to make a difference in their community.

Through community, the PEOPLE’s voices will be heard!

You will have access to a network of people who can help you make a difference.  

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An informed citizen will have the knowledge to make a difference. You help educate others to take action.


You have the courage to equip others with the tools to lead the way and make a difference.


Within our AFS community, we will grow together and provide access to training materials that get's others involved to make a difference.

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We need VIP TEAM members like YOU!   At this time these positions are volunteer, and you will be provided access to the platform free of charge, but that could change as the American Freedom Society grows!

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Tom DeVore

I constantly hear from people that they just don’t have the time or knowledge to keep up with what our elected officials are doing on a daily basis. This is why I decided to create this platform to provide up-to-date information to the people as to what our state government is doing. I want to put our elected officials under a microscope at all times. Knowledge is power and I want to give that power back to the people of this state.

Tom DeVore

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Together we can take back our communities and restore American values.

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